Testing & Continuous Deployment

Higher Quality, Faster Iterations: Continuous Deployment

Continuous Deployment is the process of automatically running a test suite on each commit, and if tests pass, deploy immediately to production. Essential to Continuous Deployment are two often-complicated processes:

Automated Test Suites

We can help architect and implement your automated test suite strategy. Common issues around test suites which we help with include:

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration is the workflow of an automated test suite being run on each checkin to source control. Test failures are noted and developers are notified. Continuous Integration with a dev team requires:

FrozenRidge can help with each of these items.

DevOps / Automated Deployment

With the recent emergence of DevOps automation software such as Puppet, Chef, Capistrano and Fabric - and Platform-as-a-Service providers such as dotCloud and Nodejitsu, deployment has become simpler.

The question often becomes whether to "build or buy" deployment automation. We can advise which solution makes the most sense, and help with any implementation which may be required.

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