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Over the past few years, the amount of data an application is expected to handle has grown exponentially. Whereas 10 years ago, an application with 10 million user accounts would be considered large, now a web or mobile application can grow from zero to tens of millions of users in a matter of just a few months.

NoSQL systems have emerged as one answer to the problems posed by contemporary database demands. In particular:

NoSQL databases are not all equal

While NoSQL is a convenient label for grouping modern database innovations, there is a great disparity in terms of features and usage models. For example depending on your answers to the following questions, you could be looking at completely different NoSQL technologies:

SQL still has a place

Meanwhile, SQL/RDBMS systems have not stood still. Over the past number of years they have greatly improved in the areas of:

Choose the right tool for the job

At FrozenRidge, our belief is that databases are not "one size fits all". While new NoSQL databases offer many benefits, SQL/RDBMS systems continue to offer advantages in the realm of:

We can help you decide where to use a NoSQL or SQL/RDBMS solution, and which technology is most suitable.

Cross technology expertise

We have expertise across database systems, in particular:

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