Niall is an experienced engineer, author and consultant. He wrote the book "MongoDB and Python" published by O'Reilly and is one of 10gen's MongoDB Masters.

He is the primary author of Strider, an Open Source Continuous Delivery platform.

He previously worked on, a "public database of all the world's knowledge" (acquired by Google in 2010) and was an OpenBSD project committer.

He enjoys working with C, Python, JavaScript/Node.Js, cloud infrastructure and databases.


Peter has worked at a variety of start ups on a handful of technology stacks. Most recently he helped Yammer's rapid growth by architecting viral features - he created their chat feature. He's the creator of the node-opencv bindings, node-ical, and a handful of other libraries.

He's an expert in crafting intuitive javascript widgets, architecting both front and back end javascript, and generally doing whatever it takes to make responsive and powerful web apps.